The Book of Roses Wedding Packages

$850.00 Vat

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Color: Assorted

Units: 1

price: 850.00


This package is one of our favorites in terms of bang for your buck ! 700 stems of roses delivered to your door for a little over 1.00 per stem. The varieties include Tibet, Tara, Titanic, Ocean song, Orange Unique, Hot Lady or Topaz. All grown in Ecuador by one of the worlds leading rose growers these roses are picked, packed and shipped directly to you and will arrive in pristine condition. Large heads and vibrant colors make this a very popular selection.


100 Premium White roses
100 Premium Yellow roses
100 Premium Pink roses
100 Premium Lavender roses
100 Premium Orange Roses
100 Premium Hot pink Roses
100 Premium bi-olor roses

Total Cost (inclusive of shipping) $850.00


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