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I am a huge fan of all things technical and have a wide array of gadgets, most of which I use about a third or less of its overwhelming functions and I certainly don’t capitalize on their ability to change peoples lives supposedly for the better. I cant be bothered most of the time to…

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While she originally had her sights set on a NYC rooftop wedding, it was the beauty of Oxford, England that sent this bride’s wedding plans for a complete and total loop. But with its stunning architecture and old-world charm, it’s all too easy to see why. 

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About thirty years ago something happened that I still remember very vividly and you may it think it very strange. Whilst living with my mum in the Shakespearean Mecca that is Stratford on Avon in Warwickshire, England. Allow me to set the scene, little brother running around with toy pistol and half the kids from…

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Good news !! At last Spring is in the air, Friday March 20th to be exact, and not before time. We associate spring time with flowers such as daffodils, tulips and Hyacinths among others, some people prefer the subtle smell of a blue iris or an eye catching ranunculus. My preference is to go with…

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