The Inspiration Behind Our Founder’s Passion for Flowers

Some say Jason Edmonds is brash, while others say he’s bold. One thing for sure is that he is, without a doubt, very passionate about his flowers.

Simply known in the Big Apple as The Flower Guy, Jason has been bringing stunning blooms into the United States for more than 20 years. His flowers have adorned the homes of several celebrities including Paul Simon, Chris Martin from Coldplay, and Queen Latifah. He has even provided 1000 stems of white peonies for Uma Thurman’s wedding in St. John’s Cathedral.

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Jason’s Story

Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, the city of The Bard, the fresh flower purveyor with a rock star persona learned his trade from the ground up during his apprenticeship in the flower auctions of Holland. As a teenager, Jason swept floors and made coffee for buyers at the auctions, all while embodying the wild and free spirit of England’s punk music during the 80s.

His grandfather, Arthur, was a legend in the wholesale markets of England, with his bowler hat and tailor-made suit. There is no disputing that Jason, as they would say in Old Blighty, is a chip off the old block.

Shortly into his foray in the Netherlands, he progressed to the buyers’ benches and became one of the youngest buyers in a world dominated by stubborn Dutchmen.

“It was a very exciting time,” says Jason. “I was young and idealistic, and I literally wore my personality on my sleeve, not afraid to let it all show. The conservative traders would try to use it against me and tease me. The bow tie was my trademark showpiece of apparel, and when I walked into the large auction rooms, the cynical, old traders would call me ‘waiter,’ sometimes in unison.”


Growth in the Industry

Jason became a valuable asset in the floral community, and he began shipping flowers to clients around the world. It was always his dream to ship his flowers to New York. In 1997, he flew to the Big Apple from England to visit some potential clients then he decided that New York was the place for him.

His business grew quickly, and he was able to establish himself among socialites and celebrity designers as the go-to flower supplier. Jason then got his big break when a Hollywood movie producer requested a rare flower for a scene. He found the blossom, and “the floodgates opened,” Jason says. “I was shipping all these rare and beautiful blooms to Hollywood for movies.” It was fascinating to see all the flowers we shipped on the big screen.

Jason’s ability to deliver fresh flowers, rain or shine, became his niche and he soon adopted the title, The New York Flower Guy.

What Makes Jason Different

He is committed to finding the finest flowers for all his customers. Aside from this, he endlessly tries to look for the perfect bloom.

To most people, the products he offers are just flowers. For Jason, these are his life’s passion. The colors, smells, and elegance of each bloom tell stories as alive today as the young boy who was once called “waiter” in the auction houses of Holland.

Jason loves his trade. “This is what I do,” he says.

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Get in Touch With Jason

From the birthplace of Shakespeare to the cities of New York, Jason Edmonds has shared his love for flowers. He brings an international perspective to our city’s vibrant floral community.

If you want peonies from Holland, a giant ranunculus from Santa Barbara, or miniature orchids from a family-run farm in Thailand, contact Jason at for the freshest array of flowers.