Your Trusted Farm Direct Flower Supplier in the Big Apple

Life is more fun when you make your own arrangements.

Your Trusted Farm Direct Flower Supplier in the Big Apple

Life is more fun when you make your own arrangements.

Dedicated to Delivering Gorgeous Flowers for All Occasions

For more than 20 years, New York Flower Guy has been providing beautiful flowers for virtually any occasion. With our extensive selection of flora, you will surely find the perfect blooms to suit your every need.

The Farm Direct Difference

Many people are not aware of the process that flowers undergo before you can finally enjoy these blossoms in your home. Flowers that come straight from farms usually last longer than those that go through exporters, importers, wholesalers, and retailers before reaching the customer.

At New York Flower Guy, we like to keep things simple whenever we can. This is why we only offer farm direct flowers that are delivered to you just days after they are cut.

Some companies claim to be farm direct but are actually warehousing operations that have nothing to do with growing flowers. There are also farms that settle for flowers with passable quality. However, there are also amazing farms around the world that strive to grow the best blooms. We are proud to say that all the farms we work with provide exceptional service and are highly reliable.


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Why Choose Us

jason and our team take great pride in the knowledge that we have gained throughout our 30 years in the wholesale flower industry. We are also proud to have built relationships with an international network of growers and other industry professionals.

We always strive to satisfy our customers’ needs 100% of the time. In order to do this, we continuously work hard to improve the quality of our service by providing nothing but the freshest flowers available at honest and competitive prices. Our team can also give you expert advice if you cannot decide which flowers to purchase for a particular event.

Areas We Serve

We provide our wide variety of farm-fresh blooms to clients all throughout New York.

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