Good news !! At last Spring is in the air, Friday March 20th to be exact, and not before time. We associate spring time with flowers such as daffodils, tulips and Hyacinths among others, some people prefer the subtle smell of a blue iris or an eye catching ranunculus. My preference is to go with any of the above but when making the arrangements keep them all separate. I love a vase of hyacinths in all colors, pinks, blue, white, fuschia pink, lavender in a vase becoming more and more pungent as they open. Nothing on earth smells like a vase of hyacinths ! When it comes to the smells of spring certain flowers that have over the years become “odourless” due to the over breeding and hybridizing I think do in fact offer a subtle smell. For example iris has a very gentle fragrance as do certain varieties of daffodils. Daffodils belong to the narcissus family and one or two members of that family are out of this world in the smell department, Tete a Tete or Soleil d’or and scilly whites are all varieties that are up there with hyacinths when it comes to the sweet smell of spring.

Daffodils can come in all shapes and sizes, yellow of course being the most popular, there are single ones, double ones, white ones, white with a yellow trumpet, yellow with a white trumpet and the list goes on. One thing for sure is these spring flowers are never in short supply. We have access to over 50 varieties of narcissus and are available deep into the spring.

Whilst the bulb flowers look pretty on their own they can also steal the show when mixed with other show stopping varieties, hydrangeas now come in all shapes and sizes and can really create that wow factor. Available in greens and pinks and an array of other colors the shelf life of these large blooms can be quite surprising. A mixture of mini green hydrangeas with some white iris and a few Ice Folly daffodils will be a talking point at anybody’s dinner party as we welcome in the warmer weather at last.

Another favorite of mine is Forsythia, unfortunately to get the best out of this flowering branch we have to give it the solitary George treatment also. Some nice tall Forsythia in a vase standing proud in the corner of the room is a winner everytime. If bought at the right stage, it can hold its own for two or even three weeks. Pussy willow is another staple than can offer a good shelf life but somehow its just not my cup of tea.

Last but not least comes the big guns, everybody’s favorite and one of my top choices, the almighty Tulip. Once used as a currency in Turkey this humble bulb has come a long way. In total there are now over three thousand varieties of tulips and it is as popular now as it ever was. There are still the typical varieties that come from vast bulb fields just outside Amsterdam but now there are some really amazing ones !! My personal favorites are the parrot tulips, Super Parrot, Webbers Parrot and Flaming Parrot are all stunning. There is a beautiful pink parrot tulip that has a green vein running through it and also a peach colored one known simply as Salmon parrot. That said…..my favorite of all and somewhat of a piéce dé resistance is an almost black variety known rather disappointingly as just “black Parrot”. It isn’t black but more of a deep deep purple, however it is still stunningly beautiful.

I am as pleased as you to welcome in the springtime as it kicks off the season and all the cool stuff starts appearing at the auction and we can start doing what we do best and that is providing you with show stopping flowers all through the year until the weather men start to warn us of the imminent snow storm, so lets kick Spring off with a bang. I can be reached always at jason@nyflowerguy.com or by phone at (718) 473-6099

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